Suck On These...Indian Flavours For Condoms: Binge Ideas

Recently, Manforce came out with Achaar flavoured condoms to cater to the Indian consumers. A lot of brands are slowly rolling out Indianized protection and are often experimenting with flavours. 

Here are our whacky Indian condom flavour suggestions!

Kala Khatta!
I bet you all must have had one of these sweet and tangy icy treats in the summers. I think that Kala Khatta would make a great flavour for a condom. Plus, the method of consumption is quite similar!

Kesar Pista and Elaichee!
Since we are Indianizing condoms, why not take up some traditional Indian kulfi flavours? Sprinkle on some crushed dry fruit for flavour and maybe some texture!

Irani Chai and Maska Pav
This one is specially crafted for your early morning 'workout'. What better way to start the day than some sweet aromatic Chai and sweet Maska pav. Work some 'Tuti-Fruity' bits in there and you are set!

Pani Puri!
Since brands are already working on tangy flavours like achaar, why not go all out and bring in a Pani Puri flavoured condom? Although you can't ask your partner for 'Meetha Jyada' and there won't be a 'Sukha Puri' after!

Gulab Jamun!
Indians love a good dessert after a meal and before going to bed. So why not take India's favourite deserts and work their flavours on a condom? Also, don't forget to tend to your partners Gulab jamuns for a sweet release!

The possibilities are endless and so are the products. Ever thought of a Desi Ghee Lube? Patanjali may actually steal some ideas from here!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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