Sunday Brunch Scenes? Here's a list that'l help you find that perfect ambience!

We’ve all had some wild Saturday nights, which leave us exhausted and famished the next morning, craving a heavy meal to get our systems up and running, and maybe some more alcohol. But the effort of searching and deciding on one place takes a lot more energy than we usually have on a Sunday morning, doesn’t it? But there’s no need to worry, Binge has your back! Here are our top 5 picks for a killer Sunday brunch :

1. Wine and Dine at Indigo, Colaba
Located in the quaint Colonial bungalow in the thriving area of Colaba is Indigo, one of Mumbai’s favorite restaurants. Food here is inspired by Continental cuisines, mainly Italian and French along with some Indian influences, making this place compatible for every mood. Their wine collection is very extensive and each margarita is an adventure in itself. All of this does sound very tempting, but don’t let your cravings distract you from booking a table in advance! 
Cost per person : 2,570 ?, with alcohol.
Timings : 12 noon - 4 PM
Reservations : +91 22 6636 8999


2. Bottomless Brunch at London Taxi, Lower Parel
Ever had moments where you wanna eat a bunch of different foods from various cuisines and a LOT of those? Then London Taxi is your dream destination! Their wide variety of unlimited food at surprisingly affordable rates will be more than enough for even the hungriest soul. Also, they offer unlimited sangrias and mimosas for those who don’t believe in hangovers! And as if this wasn’t enough, there’s some quaint live music to soothe your ears, giving the environment a lovely ambience. What have we done to deserve this? 
Cost per person : 1499 ? with alcohol, 650 ? for children.
Timings : 12 noon - 4 PM 
Reservations : +91 7710082222

3 . Beer the Change at Independence Brewery, Andheri 
Froth your Sunday up at Independence Brewery with a buttload of their in house brewed beer! Offering unlimited alcohol and food at very affordable rates, coupled with the fact that they have their own brand of beer, makes this place thoroughly irresistible. They also have a BC jukebox and a mobile app that lets you play the music you wanna hear. Make sure you try out the Belgian Wit and Ixcacao beers there, and we can assure that you’ll go back for more!
Cost per person : 999 ? + taxes with alcohol, 699 ? + taxes without alcohol.
Timings : 12 noon - 4 PM

4. Chill by the Sea at Hotel Novotel, Juhu
I would start off by talking about the food here, but even the best cuisines will be overshadowed by the ambience this place provides. Imagine drinking in a pool by the sea on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Sounds good? Then Hotel Novotel is the place for you to be at this weekend. Their restaurant ‘The Square’ offers various cuisines ranging from Indian to Continental, among various others. And if you haven’t learned you lesson on a Saturday night, their bar ‘Gadda da Vida’ has happy hours from 4 PM - 8 PM. We recommend staying for the sunset! 
Cost per person : 3,500 ? with alcohol, 2,800 ? without alcohol. Includes pool access.
Timings : 12:30 PM to 4 PM
Reservations : (22) 6693-4444

5 . Spice It Up at Hakkasan, Bandra
Authentic Cantonese cuisine is something one doesn’t come across very often in India, but lucky for us Mumbaikars, there’s Hakkasan doing a splendid job right here in Bandra! Led by the Michelin star holding Executive Chef Ho Chee Boon, Hakkasan has taken over the city by a storm. Their Dim Sums and Har Gaus are to die for, but that’s just the beginning as their Sunday ‘Hakka Brunch’ offers a six course meal from salads to desserts. But don’t let the gorgeous tasting food distract you from the alcohol!
Cost per person : 3465 ? with alcohol, 2253 ? without alcohol, 1155 ? for the kids.
Timings : 12 noon - 4 PM
Reservations : +91 22 2644 4444



So what are you waiting for? It ain’t gonna Binge itself!

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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