The Best South Indian Breakfast Joints in Hyderabad

There's something about the aroma of the freshly made crispy dosas, deep fried vadas and piping hot idlis, isn't there? This is very much the scene down South of India but Hyderabad too is not left far behind. Is there anyone who dislikes these scrumptious delicacies? Doesn't look like! The city has various outlets and tiffin centres that are open throughout the day and serves you fresh and hot yumminess. Here's a list of some of the popular tiffin centres in Hyderabad that you must make a point to visit.

Swathi Tiffins

This is a very known name when it comes to tiffin joints in Hyderabad. At Somajiguda, this tiffin centre is perfectly located amidst offices and commercial complexes, hence you will find it packed to the roof, during the morning hours. Trust it with its fast-selling items like Dosas, Idlis, Upma, Pesarattu and filter coffee.

Location: Somajiguda, Hyderabad. Click for directions.
Call: +91 9963122835
Price for two: INR 350 (approx.)

Pragati Tiffin Centre

Dig into some finger-licking Paneer Butter Masala Dosas only at Pragati Tiffin Centre. Along with dosas, the idli and chutney and upma, they serve, has been raved about. Pragati Tiffin Centre is a tiny joint, which is extremely pocket-friendly that can help you kick start your day on a happy note.

Location: Koti, Hyderabad. Click for directions.
Call: +91 9866875408
Price for two: INR 150 (approx.)

Poorna Tiffin Centre

A cramped-up place that sells some amazing stuff that will leave you drooling just by the smell of it getting prepared. You cannot miss out on the Vadas, Ghee Idly, Upma Pesarattu, and Upma Dosa, that is available here. Ignore the mess around, just for the sake of some great taste.

Location: Yousufguda, Hyderabad. Click for directions.
Call: 09866026326
Price for two: INR 150 (approx.)

Govind Dosa

Though it also has a branch in Banjara Hills, we're talking about the Govind Dosa at Ghansi Bazar, in Charminar. The oldest one is known for its butter dosas, Tawa Idli, Tawa Vada, Masala Idli. Not a fancy outlet at all, but it delivers the tastes that linger.

Location: Ghansi Bazar, Hyderabad. Click for directions.
Call: +91 9246522078
Price for two: INR 300 (approx.)

Anand Tiffins

An old player in Secunderabad, Anand Tiffins have been serving South Indian tiffins and North Indian food items, for a long time now. Maintaining the consistency in flavours, this tiffin centre has earned its patronage over the years with its Dosas, Idlis, Poori, sandwiches and 70mm dosas.

Location: SD Road, Secunderabad. Click for directions.
Call: 040 27715908
Price for two: INR 150 (approx.)


WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury



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