PI Pizzeria. This Is Why Mumbai Is Lucky To Have Them

What makes a good Italian Pizza? Fresh and authentic ingredients. And this is what Pi Pizzeria
is all about.

With raving reviews on Zomato, this outlet still remains underrated. The pizzas here are made of the best ingredients and equipment sourced from different parts of Europe. The cheeses, jalapeños, olives, olive oil, pesto, flour, ham, capers, tomato sauce, and dough are all imported from countries like Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Spain, and the UK. The meats and vegetables they use are fresh and locally procured, and combined with the imported ingredients, they make wonderful thin crust pizzas.

Need another reason that this place is the way to go for the best Italian Pizza?

It is cost effective considering the quality and quantity. Their most expensive 14-inch pizza is for INR 965 and if you have Zomato gold, you get two of these huge pizzas for INR 1000! And you can split them between two or three people. And it’s not painful for your wallet.
Other than their Pizzas they also have amazing appetizers. Their garlic butter doughballs, baked mushrooms with pesto and mozzarella, and tiramisu are decadent. What more do you want?

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Location: Khar, Mumbai. Click for directions.
Call: 022 30151794
Cost for two: INR 1300

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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