The Gold Ice Cream In Hyderabad

How would you like your ice cream? With some GOLD, I say.
Yeah, you heard it right. An ice cream with real gold on it, only at Huber & Holy outlet in Hyderabad. Break the monotony of having the usual scoops and indulge into something really unique and surprisingly interesting.


Hyderabad's Huber & Holly
 has introduced ‘The Mighty Midas' – A Gold Plated Ice Cream…. wow that's some combo to drool over!

Tell me more

This surprisingly amazing gold studded ice cream is basically served in a waffle cone, which is filled with brownies, Ferrero Rocher, caramelized almonds, nuts, hot fudge with 3 big scoops of Belgian Dark chocolate ice-cream and hazelnut sphere. That's not all. To bring in the glitter this luxurious scoop is then, topped with golden chocolate ice cream which is adorned with 24-carat gold foil, gold flakes, flanked with caramel chocolate bar and raspberry macaron. (did we miss out on anything? Nope this one dessert has it all)

What else

Though the Midas Mighty is the centre of attraction here, this dessert parlour does have a lot more you can indulge in. You can try some of their unique flavours of ice creams including Filter Coffee, Irani Chai Latte, Persia Bastani, Confetti and Belgian Toffee.

Price of ‘TheMighty Midas' –INR 1000 (Expensive for an ice cream but when you have gold on it, you can't complain)

Location: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Click for directions.
Call: +918008008893 | +919010401111
Price for two: INR 700 (approx.)

Photo credits: Deccan chronicle

WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury



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