Google 10th Anniversary Easter Egg Upgrades

Google’s celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary and you know what that means… easter eggs.

This first being the Google Dino getting a birthday cake and a party hat.

How cute is that?

We all know the Google Dino. Right? He’s the little guy running and jumping around in a desert, entertaining you, whenever you don’t have internet. How cool is it, that Google decided to start their 10-year celebration by giving the little guy a gift! He gets a birthday cake at the beginning of the game, followed by a tiny blue birthday cap (that turns red in night mode). There are also little balloons flying around in the background.

Here’s a little trick for those of you who love this game. You can play it without disabling your internet! And it’ll be in a full screen “Arcade” mode. Just go to chrome://dino

Also… did you know that you could be blocked from playing this game that you love? Network admins can actually disable the game. No human being should be given this much power over another being's happiness.

Some of the other upgrades over the years include the Night mode and the addition of the pterodactyls. Tell us what other upgrades could be made to the Retro Dino Game. 

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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