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Homegrown India's founder Varun Patra accused of Sexual Harassment
Varun Patra, the co-founder of Homegrown has been accused of sexual harassment. Artist and Poet Priyanka Paul shared an open letter whilst keeping the victim anonymous. The letter recounted how Varun recorded audio of the victim during intercourse without her knowledge and also carried out other sexual misconduct.  

India has 32 space missions planned for 2019!
ISRO chairman K. Sivan in a statement said, "The year 2019 promises to be challenging to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) community with 32 planned missions," Out of these 32 planned missions, Chandrayaan-2 is said to be the most ambitious with a lander and a rover. 

Indian Oil starts home delivery of diesel!
The Indian Oil Corporation has started a diesel delivery service in Chennai. They have rolled out diesel tankers with portable pumps that travel across the city. A person can have the tanker come to their doorstep by using a mobile app. 

Consensual sex in a live-in relationship between partners is not rape: Supreme court
In a major ruling, the apex court has said that if a man fails to marry a woman whom he had consensual sex in a live-in relationship, the woman cannot claim it to be rape. In the past, there have been several cases where women have alleged being raped by their live-in partners. 

The government stops printing Rs 2000 notes!
As per reports, India has stopped printing Rs 2000 notes in order to reduce their circulation. This decision comes on the suspicion that the high denomination banknote was being used for hoarding tax evasion and money laundering. The currency won't become invalid but will be gradually phased out. 

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