There is an all you can drink Alcohol competition happening in Goa! Entry at 500 INR!

Goa is a place known for its scenic beaches, fresh seafood and cheap alcohol. People from across the world come here to unwind and lose their senses by drinking away their problems. 

The beachy paradise will soon be hosting an all you can drink alcohol competition on the 19th of December! With an entry fee of just 500 INR, you can drink to your heart's content at the venue. 

The points will be based on the time a contestant lasts and the amount of alcohol he or she consumes. The only catch is that if you pee, you get disqualified!

But you can re-enter the contest by paying an additional 400 INR. Guess what the prizes for the contest are? More booze!

The first prize winner gets free stock worth INR20,000 Indian made foreign liquor! The second and third prize get 10,000 and 5000INR worth stock and there are 20 bottles of Vat69 as consolation prizes!

This event in itself is worth planning a Goa trip around December!

Venue: Kolia Xeth Orulem Vasco
Date: 19th December 2018

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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