Gordon Ramsay Would Never Eat These Foods!

Everybody’s got their pet peeves. So whoever said chefs would like to eat everything that is out there, must be mistaken. Let’s tell you about our famously fussy chef- Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Wouldn’t Touch Pineapple pizza or Deep-fried turkey

Ramsay’s pet peeve became apparent when he had ordered in pizza for the audience on an episode of The Nightly Show he’d been hosting. Now, well some people think having pineapple on pizza is not such a bad thing after all. What can go wrong with sweet and savoury? Well, Gordon Ramsay definitely disagrees. So when audience members shouted out their toppings and one person said pineapple pizza, Ramsay had lost it, in his own patent style. "You don't put pineapple on a f***ing pizza!" Is what he had to stay, precisely stating.

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"You don't put pineapple on a f***ing pizza!"

And after ordering pepperoni pizzas for everyone, he had a specific way to thank the restaurant employee by the end of the call, "And no pineapple anywhere."  There’s no way you’d put pineapple on Ramsay’s pizza.

It’s not just pineapple pizza that Ramsay hates. It’s also grits, American sandwiches, and deep-fried turkey. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Ramsay had said,  "It was f***ing disgusting”. Adding more, he’d said why dry turkey is something we’d eat just one time a year. Colbert had disagreed to the comment stating "I'm from the south, everything is deep-fried," he explained. "We dip it in concrete, and then we deep fat fry it."

Do you have a list of wouldn’t eat ever-s? Great, tell us what and why!

WRITTEN BY  - Bhagyashree Chunekar chunekar@gmail.com



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