This Chaatwala Makes The Best Dahi Vada in Khar. A Meal for Rs.50!

Sometimes you just need to venture out and let roads guide you. That’s how you find surprises, like good food. That’s what happened to my friend, who told me to go try out this brilliant dahi vada place. I imagined a small stall, but to my surprise, it was just a bright blue thela gaadi.

Ashok Panipuri wala might just be the Best street dahi-vada maker in Khar. I tried the dahi vada, dahi mirchi chaat, Dahi Papdi and sev puri. And I wasn’t disappointed even once. The papdi chat even had chopped raw mango on top of it. Took me back to my memories of home.

I expected all of them to taste similar, them being dahi based chaats, but they weren’t! The dahi vada had, crushed puri on top to add some crunch, and there was boondi, chopped boiled potatoes and moong along with mild spices and some sweet chutney. While the dahi mirchi chaat had chopped mirchi pakoda along with boondi, sev and spicy chutney and a little bit of sweet chutney along with the dahi. The two tasted completely different!

The guy who makes the chaats is extremely polite and even wears a clean apron while preparing the chaats. And the best part is that the puris that he serves aren’t the usual, hard and salty puris that you find in Mumbai. They’re super light and super crisp.

He also sells, Gulab Jamun and Rasgullas. There’s a juice-wala right beside him who makes fresh juice. It’s a one stop shop for a complete 2-course meal!

What’s more, on Sundays he also serves traditional Sindhi style Dal Pakwan!

I’m going to go back there very soon. Go find the chaatwala and try out the Dahi vada. It’s light and filling at the same time!

Location: Hinduja Road, Opposite Sheetal Bukhara Hotel. Click for directions.
Call: 8097507554
Cost for two: INR 100

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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