This Indian Gum-Ball Machine Dispenses Modaks Like an ATM

We’ve all seen new and innovative ways in which people make try to make the headlines during the festive season. There was the Ganesh idol made of Pani Puri and the one made of bananas and the chocolate Ganesh that was submerged in milk in a bathtub, the craziest things and they’re out there, in the papers and e-news.

Sanjiv Kulkarni, from Pune, decided to do something different. Something that screams “GANPATI”, but not as directly. He created an ATM machine for Modaks.

ATM- Any Time Modak

Here the screen was replaced by a statue of Lord Ganesh. The keys on the machine said “Bhagwan”, “Shama”, “Bhakti”. And it could be accessed using a “Special Card” (like a food court card, I’m guessing).

So, basically, what he did was, make a very fancy version of a gum-ball machine that dispensed single Modaks in Individual Plastic Containers. Clearly, the idea of Going Green is less important than a fancy step towards a sweet, that was overflowing in the state anyway, in the name of Culture and Religion.

I love the that the Gods made the first food ATM possible, in India. But maybe next time Ganeshji would be happier with paper packaging?

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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