This Indie Dog Raju has his own Ration Card!

This bit of funny news comes straight from Uttar Pradesh where a man has allegedly taken home up to 75kgs of food from a fair price shop in the name of his dog Raju! Narsingh Bodar, a 75-year-old man, had listed his dogs' name as his sons name in his ration card.

The whole scam came to light when the supreme court made Aadhar verification compulsory for ration card holders. When the owner of the dog was questioned and asked to present Raju's Aadhar card, he said, "Wo To Mera Kutta Hai!" (he is my dog)

The officials at the booth were confused and carried out a small investigation. The officials found that Bodar was not making things up and Raju was actually his dog!

After this gaffe came to light, Ration cards of everyone from the district are being checked and verified to see if all the names present on the card are present. It's really funny how this man got away with this for so long before being caught!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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