Via Bombay - The New Jewel Of Chembur [Newly Opened]

I’ve always heard people say that “Mumbai doesn’t have a proper cuisine of its own” or “I don’t understand Maharashtrian food”. They’ve started making Mumbai sound like America which just adopts cuisines from the rest of the world through its immigrants but doesn’t really have anything substantial of its own. Are Hot dogs the American versions of a Vada Pav?
Anyway, here’s a new restaurant that might put your thoughts to ease.

Via Bombay
 accepts that Mumbai would be nothing without its people and hence serves food of every type with a Bombaiya flair to it.

This cute exquisite place is just 5 minutes away from Chembur station and next to Le Cafe. Good location, good interiors, and good food need I say more to convince you to try this place out?

The place has foods ranging from Baos to Kothimbir wadi to Galouti Kebab to Gannewala Peg! All of this goes through a machine that injects the innate Mumbai-ness into the foods and makes it more relatable. (Kidding, there are no machines for that, just skilled chefs). Now the most important point - What is a Gannewala Peg? It is a Sugarcane Cocktail, with a Gin base and it just might be your new favourite Gin cocktail.

What we’re trying to say is, this place has something interesting to offer, so try it out and let us know how you feel.

Location: Jewel of Chembur, Chembur. Click for directions.
Call: 022 67099977
Cost for two: INR 1500 | INR 150 for a pint of beer

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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