"We aren't where we want to be yet, but we will be." | In talks with Across Seconds

Across Seconds is an instrumental post-rock/ progressive band from Mumbai. Recently, they've been making quite an impact in the local music scene by performing at some of the coolest gigs in the city and at various places around the country. They've been releasing snippets of their upcoming album 'Four Lightyears From Home' all over their social media accounts, and they sound so good that we couldn't help but ask them a few questions! So here's how that went down:

1. Your first single 'T-Minus 10' was released over a year ago and was received very well overall. Could you guys tell us the meaning behind this song and your approach to how you went about the writing process?

In reality, we were really curious about the response because it's instrumental and it was well received which gave us a mental push to keep at it.
T minus 10 is based on the 10 seconds before the launch of a spaceship. The entire aim has been to try and create a soundscape that captures these emotions of the human mind in such a situation.

How this helps is that this approach has helped us break through the general verse-chorus-bridge-chorus song structures.

2. We hear that your debut album titles 'Four Lightyears From Home' is currently in the works. We would love to know the concept that the album circles around!

As excited as we are to reveal the concept, that would have to wait till the album release because we have been planning something really exciting to reveal the concept to everybody.

What we can say for now is that it is going to be an interplanetary experience, of sorts.

3. Y'all have been very active in the scene, with special emphasis on your live performances. Could y'all describe what a live performance means to the band and what y'all aim to achieve through them?

What we aim to achieve through live performances is a connection. Connection with the audience; connection with every listener that we have. Watching a band perform right in front of you is when you can feel every note being played and can feel every emotion that a musician has. The entire aim is to connect with the audience and make them a part of our journey.
In order to engage the viewer/listener a bit more, we’ve also started including song-specific visuals in our songs. Which was also something we thought would compensate for the lack of vocals. Every song has a narrative to guide the listener through the set, in order to make sense out of everything. This is our definition of an ideal live set. We aren't where we want to be yet, but we will be.

4. You guys have also been winning a lot of band competitions lately. What was the biggest stage you guys have performed on, yet? And what would you say was your best live experience?

We have been fortunate enough to have played at some of the biggest festivals in the country, like the IITs, BITS Pilani and Hyderabad, and bag prizes at many of those events. It has been an absolute delight. But the biggest stage, the best experience and the most benefit that we have ever had by being in a competition has to be credited to Parx Hunt. Parx Hunt was a national level band competition for the best semi-pro band in India, which we won.
The finals were held in Bombay and the set-up was extremely adequate sound-wise as well as visually which worked wonders for the audio-visual approach that we have in our set. Since it was a well-funded event, the pieces of equipment were top-notch and so was the experience. So we enjoyed, and the overwhelmingly positive response followed. It also gave us a good monetary compensation causing our debut album to be produced at a significantly higher budget.

5. How many of y'all are foodies? And what does the band like to eat, unanimously?

'No matter what time of the day, there is nothing more tempting than Misal Pav' - Kiran Kadadekar.
We live by that.

6. On a scale of 1-10, how much does the band enjoy alcohol? What do you guys like to drink?

While there is a strict no-alcohol-before-hitting-the-stage policy with Across Seconds because of all the counting we need to do in some of the parts, everybody in the band loves beer. 12/10 would be the score!

We would like to thank the band for taking out time to talk to us. Do keep your eyes and ears open for their upcoming album!

You can check out their single 'T-minus 10' here.
You can also follow them on Facebook here.

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan adityamohanan@gmail.com



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