We Found You New Ways to Upgrade Instant Ramen!

Here’s how you can spruce up your favourite instant go-to meal!

Push An Egg Into It
Get that runny yolk flowing through the flavoursome broth. Drop the egg in just after you take the pot off the heat. Cover the pot and let it sit for about a minute. This looks and tastes better than a poached egg!

More Egg
Beat an egg and stir it into the broth for an egg drop soup effect.

Add  fried egg atop your bowl. 
Place a soft-boiled egg atop your noodles (hard-boiled, also works).

Add Cheese
Two slices of cheese to the broth to get amazing creaminess you can slurp all the yumminess through! 

Add Veggies
Toss in  — green onions, bean sprouts, sliced jalapeños, broccoli, spinach, bok choy all healthy choices adding that bit of crunch too!

Add Herbs
Fresh herbs -  cilantro, basil, and mint will do the trick!

Add Spice!
Sweat it out by adding these to your bowl of ramen:
Sriracha: hot, tangy, garlicky.  
Gochujang: The Korean fermented chili paste with a sweet, salty kick.
Sambal oelek: The Indonesian chili paste made of crushed red peppers
Red curry paste: The Thai seasoning whose aromatic herbs will flavor your broth with a classic curry taste.

Add Sauces And Condiments
For sweetness and depth,  hoisin or plum sauce.
For brightness,  rice vinegar or a squeeze of lime.
For saltiness, miso paste or soy sauce.

Add Protein
Bacon, cooked shrimp, or shredded chicken or even thinly sliced beef can be added to the hot broth. Veggies can stick to tofu cubes! 

WRITTEN BY  - Bhagyashree Chunekar chunekar@gmail.com



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