We tried Old Monk Alcopops and here is what we think

Old Monk has been a part of our lives for a really long time and when we found out that the brand was launching Alcopops, I knew we HAD to get our hands on them ASAP!

So as soon as these bottles hit the stores, we picked up all the three flavours that they have to offer and the cranberry bottle was the first one that we popped open. The moment I took a sip there was a splash of flavours in my mouth. It was almost as if my mouth was filled with jolly ranchers! It was too sweet for my taste but about 45 seconds later, I felt the signature Old Monk heat in my throat and chest. The drink actually seems pretty potent for what’s said to have 4.8% alcohol.

We decided to take a break and let the sweetness die from our mouths before opening the second one. We opened the Cola next, and it is literally the perfect blend of rum and coke. It took me back to my college days, the time when I first started drinking. This bottle is the perfect solution for parties or hangouts where you don't want the hassles of mixing drinks.

After waiting for a while, we opened the Mojito and surprisingly it was the most refined drink out of the three. It was very refreshing and cool. Although it still packed the heat and was warm on the throat. It sort of felt like rum and Limca, a combination you’d ideally never go for!

Old monk has tapped into the market of travel-friendly alcohol and they are definitely doing it right.


WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo atharvalobo@gmail.com



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