Women Can Now Eat Whatever They Want, Literally

Adultery No Longer A Crime In India: Rules Supreme Court
What you decide to eat is your business

On social media, you claim that Homemade Dal Khichdi is your one true love. But one day you post a photo saying that Burger is what you live for. You get labelled a Liar, a Traitor and your account is blocked. But, Why? What you decide to eat and what you love is your business!


What happens in a person’s personal life, is their own business. This wasn’t always the case though. There was a time when it was okay for Men to go and love whoever they wanted, but a Woman doing so was a crime. This wasn’t too long ago. Actually, it was just five days ago that, Women having a personal life, became legal.
Only five days ago, women stopped being a Man’s Property. She became equal. At least that’s what the law says now. The society doesn’t really care for the ways of the law though. They follow their own rules; Always have, always will (apparently).

Let me recap that for you,
Section 497 of the IPC punished a man who was in an adulterous relationship with a married woman without the consent of her husband. It let off the woman who was an equal participant in the extramarital relationship. Also, the law allowed only the aggrieved husband of the adulterous woman to complain, and not the wife whose husband was cheating on her. The centre defended the law saying that it was essential to preserve the institution of marriage.
The apex court struck down the penal provision and termed Section 497 as unconstitutional.

Basically, a man could have an affair without any consequences, but if a woman had an affair, the man would be fined and sent to jail on the complaint of the husband.

The Center said that the IPC section was intended to protect marriages. Protect them from what? Was it a “suraksha kavach” that made outsiders invisible to the dysfunctional married couple? Maybe the Adultery didn’t cause the marriage to have problems. Maybe the Adultery happened because the marriage had problems. Either way, it is a personal matter that the law should only get involved when a third party intervention is requested. Thankfully, the government got it right and we’re happy about that.

Now, all there’s left to do is explain this law to the part of the society that is still ready to kill/shame a woman involved in Adultery because their Beliefs tell them that it’s wrong. I wish their beliefs told them that poking their noses into other people’s personal lives was also wrong. Obviously not. If Krishna could have 16,108 wives, then a man couldn’t possibly be wrong in a case of adultery right? But If you believe that, they also believe that Draupadi had 5 husbands and everyone seems cool with that. The point is, their (the married couple) business is their business, none of your business, so STAY AWAY. STAY HAPPY.

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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