What Went Down Inside The Supreme Court While History Was In The Making

I was at Juhu beach at sunrise today. And as the wind blew in my face and it drizzled on me, I saw the sun come out from behind the massive grey clouds. I knew what this meant. I turned around and surely, there was a rainbow over the sea. I came home content only to find out that the Supreme Court had Decriminalised the LGBTQIA community.

It was a sign.

And I'm not lying when I tell you that the last rainbow I saw was 6 years ago. And 5 years ago was 2013 when the Supreme Court reversed the Delhi high court decision - which said, consensual sex between adults in private was legal.

I think life has come full circle since then.

A friend of mine was live-tweeting the court proceedings for BarandBench and I want to share it with you because it gave me chills when I read it.


These are direct quotes from the court proceedings.

It is good to know that The Supreme Court finally recognises Homosexual people as human beings with rights. Moreover, the Court also realises that discrimination on the grounds of sexuality can affect a person's mental health.

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"Constitutional morality and Not Societal morality should be the driving force for deciding the validity of Section 377"

This means so much!

If you're crying because you're happy, I get it. I'll repeat what I said to my friend when I saw the rainbow today, "Best Day EVER" because it is, it most definitely is.

I can't imagine the impact this has on the lives of the Indian LGBTQIA community. I love you guys. Now celebrate with some food?

You can read the entire thread here - Bar&Bench

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