What Your Favourite Coffee Says About Your Personality

Even wondered if food could tell what a person may turn out to be? Seriously, if your coffee could speak about you? Would you want to find out! Ok, let’s dig deep into the matter.

Black Coffee Drinkers Prefer their Own Company
Based on a 2015 study ("Individual differences in bitter taste preferences are associated with antisocial personality traits" by Sagioglou C. & Greitemeyer T.), people who prefer bitter tastes "are associated with traits related to the darker side of personality." Black coffee lovers aren’t really dark that way but they’re often antisocial, narcissistic and not be the most gregarious people around.

Espresso Lovers are Bold
Like black coffee, espresso also aligns itself to the bitter end of the taste spectrum for coffee. Espresso lovers embrace the dark traits of being too intense or bold personalities. As espresso lovers are regarded to be well-travelled or even preferring more refined tastes, on the negative side they’re known to be pretentious or trying to fit into a particular social class in society.

Too much Sugar in your Coffee says a lot about you too
The extra sweet coffee order makes some room on the other side of the taste spectrum for coffee. If you love more milk, sugar, cream or whipped cream in your coffee it signifies you love social life. Statistically, stress makes you crave sweeter foods. So, if you order extra sweet coffee at the counter, you’re either looking for a treat to beat the stress or just need to catch a breath away from stress.

Well-balanced People Are Lukewarm on the Sugar/Milk in their Coffee
You have a moderate personality if you seek a balance in sugar and milk and embrace the sweet and not so sweet side of life, with equal grace. Also, you’re what the average balanced person is.

Flavoured Coffee Preference Highlights Risk Taking Ability
You’re as creative and imaginative as some of the flavoured and blended coffees (mocha, caramel or others) that exist around. People with a preference for flavoured coffee tend to be people who’re seeking new experiences and enjoy adventure, underlining their risk appetites.

And if you’re the Decaf Guy, then you’re careful and selective
So ordering decaf is a preventive measure to settle any worries about having to stay up all night. You’ll want to smell and taste your coffee but not the after-effects that come along with it. People who like to be in control and tend to be cautious on the side are more likely to be ordering decaf.

4 or more cups of coffee per day Indicates  high metabolism 
Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital analyzed genomes from over 100,000 people to study the biological relationship between the human body and coffee. People ordering four or more cups of coffee each day possess genomes related to greater risk addiction. Also, genetically they have a high metabolism and require the number of cups per day to keep up with the tempo.

Procrastinating Individuals must blame it on Instant Coffee 
Everyone’s in a rush of things and well, needs an instant cuppa. But if you’re not hard pressed on time and have extra time on you, but still want to get a cup of instant coffee then you’re just plain lazy. Translated into procrastination. If you’re preference is going instant on coffee, then you must definitely be a procrastinator. 

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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