Who Knew Snow Cones Were Bad For Summer? Here's A List Of More!!

Everyone is always talking about what to eat during the summer to maintain your body temp and to be able to retain high hydration levels. While no one is telling you what to not eat, there are a few things that should be completely avoided in order to stay healthy and working this summer.
Here are a few things one should not indulge in during the summer for the best and what you could substitute it with:

1 Avoid Hot Dogs but instead Eat Burgers: Processed meats like hot dogs may be more offensive to your health than grilled meats.

2 Avoid Snow Cones but instead Eat Popsicle: Snow cones are high in sugar syrups and corn syrups only boosting your energy extremely high but killing your appetite for real food.

3 Avoid Frozen Cocktails but instead drink Clear Spirits with Club Soda: IF snow cones are bad then frozen cocktails are literally the worst. They not only high lots of sugar and color but the ice doesn’t help. Sipping on clear spirits with club soda and lime is your rescue for this summer.

4 Avoid Sugar Free Ice Cream but instead have Gelato: Artificially sweetened ice creams do more harm than good during the summer by drawing out the water in the body. Indulging in a small portion of gelato will help you curb the heat and stay hydrated.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh aashka.parekh95@gmail.com



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