Who's your FOOD for life?

You are the Ketchup to my Fries; the Marinara to my Pizza; the Nutella to my Churros; the Chutney to my Dosa; the Aloo to my Paratha! Have you ever said anything like this to your friends? I'm sure you haven't, no one does. But what if we could help you give a culinary twist to this whole bond of friendship. Let's make it more comprehensible. Here's a quirky list of that if food friends and what they’d be like.

The French Fries

I'm sure we all have that one friend, who is loved by the entire group. Everyone enjoys that person's company and any party is just incomplete without him/her. Just like the plate of ever-loving ‘French Fries’. Doesn’t count how much food you order, French fries are a must. Everyone loves them.

The Ladoo

No matter what, laddoo is one of the most adored and accepted sweet in the entire dessert fraternity. And you always have one such friend who is equally sweet, equally loveable, just like the very favourite ladoo. Be it any ceremony in India, it's never complete, without the ladoo being around. That's exactly how important that particular friend is, like the ‘ladoo'.

The Pizza

Pizza is Italian, but we obviously have tampered Indian versions of it. Not bragging, but making a point here. We all have some of those NRI friends who are like Indian versions of pizzas. We find annoying at times, but can't really do without them. Just like with pizza, we don’t want to live without them!

The Good Ol' Maggie

Yes, Maggie, the saviour! Untimely hunger pangs, late night study grub, comfort food in the hostel and for every other random reason; you’ll find that maggie is there for you. There’s always that one friend who has your back no matter what. When you're ecstatic out of your mind, or when you're low, or even when you're financially broke; Your Maggie will surely come to your rescue.

The Sushi

Ever had that once-in-a-while friend? Society would rather call them your acquaintance, but consider them a part of the friend circle because of the good time you have with them. Just like sushi; You have it occasionally but like it whenever you indulge in it. Sushi friends are your 

Here's this quirky note, just to give a twist to the whole friend and food bond. We can't really do without either of them, can we?

Photo credit:Mahshor, DNA India, Barrel and Co

WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury jainarthip@gmail.com



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