Why India desperately needs Planned Parenthood!

We live in a country with 1.2 billion people. Forget talking about contraception, we should be advertising it! But here is the problem. In case you didn't know, sex and anything that is related to it is still a taboo in India!

I'm pretty sure, we have all sat through the awkward sex education lecture in school. Now sex is an activity which more commonly requires a male and female but the irony is that for this sex education class, girls and boys were made to sit in separate rooms! 

In my school, our sex education class was just one hour long. And that is a really big problem! Sex is something that takes people forever to learn and our school expected us to learn it in an hour. Anyways, the lecture guided us teenagers through everything from getting erections, nightfall, self-stimulation, pregnancy and contraception. But the whole lecture had a mild undertone that read 'no sex before marriage!'

All of this was being taught to teenagers, most of which watched porn on a regular basis and probably had more sexual experience than the professor giving us the lecture!

But something that still bugs me about that lecture was how casually the topic of contraception was dismissed. Over the years, I've had so many conversations with both guys and girls about sex and I was surprised by the way they dealt with contraception. Most of them were relying on complete myths!

Condoms are the most commonly used contraception in the world. And a torn condom is not the only thing that should worry you! I had a friend who's girlfriend kept complaining about how she felt an intense burning sensation everytime they had sex. I suggested my friend to get tested for allergies and it turned out she was allergic to latex! And Latex allergy is a really common condition that people are not aware of.

Then there are people who swear by the pull out method. However, they don't know that sometimes pre-cum release carries a few thousand sperms and all it takes to get pregnant is one!

Home remedies are the last thing that one should consider! Half of the Indian remedies are complete myths! One such popular remedy is eating a Papaya after sex so that it increases your body temperature and makes the condition inhabitable for the egg to fertilize. Ladies, eating fruit will not turn your uterus into a microwave!

And then there are the contraceptive pills. But Indians hardly know anything about them! There are different contraceptive pills for women. Most Indians don't know about the daily birth control pill. The commonly known variety is the morning after pill. People don't really know the kind of side effects it has on a woman's system. It messes with their hormones and screws up their menstrual cycle too!

Another friend that I spoke to was on a completely different trip! His method of contraception was god level. He said that he used the pull out method and then asked his wife to pee so that the sperms were washed out. I legit facepalmed after listening to his story and told him that there are different openings inside the vagina and there is no way sperm can be washed away by peeing!

After listening to cries of so many people and looking at the current birth rate in our country, I can only come up with one conclusion. India desperately needs an institution called Planned Parenthood! Indians need to get access to a safe space where they can talk about sex and discuss their problems and just learn more about sex. Instead of being a luxury commodity(at least its treated and priced like one) contraceptives should be made freely available for everyone! 

The only thing stopping people from coming out and talking about these things is shame! It's about time we come out and talk about these things as casually as we talk about vegetable prices! If we have a place like planned parenthood, we can put aside the shame and consult people who can guide us through safe sex and pregnancy and not worry having to spend a ton of money at the doctor. Contraceptives would be cheaper and even freely available to people who are willing to explore their sex lives. There would no longer be awkward visits to the pharmacy! People would be better informed about sex being a pleasurable activity instead of it being a procedure required to have babies!  

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo atharvalobo@gmail.com



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