Win a month of FREE Beer in this challenge

 is back to hosting its Full Toss edition of Chuggathon. As the name suggests it’s a competition as to who can chug the maximum amount of beer and the fastest.

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Since it’s summer anyway chugging chilled beer should not only be easy but super fun as well. All you have to do to win this competition is chug down your beer the fastest and the most amount of beer possible. There is only 1 rule that your lips can’t touch the beer mug. Win this awesome challenge and you can win 1 entire month of free beer!!!!

What Else?
So head here to win yourself some free beer. Imagine the amount of money you’ll end up saving this month!
Where: Hoppipola, Khar
When: 26th April, 2018- 8:00pm to 1:00am

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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