Would You Adopt This New Beverage Trend – Broccoli Latte ?

Broccoli Latte is a ‘health' trend that originated in Australia and is now finding takers around the world. A well-experimented twist given to the much-loved coffee, giving it a healthy approach. So far, we've heard of mushroom coffee, egg coffee, butter coffee, but here's a new and by far the most bizarre fusion in the field of coffee. This is coffee with - broccoli. Yeah, you read that right! It's coffee with broccoli.

People are having a hard time believing that broccoli can be infused with coffee. But this fusion is definitely here to stay. Broccoli is a superfood that is used in a variety of dishes and drinks, to add to their nutritional value. Hence, this time it has made its way into our coffee as well.

This bizarre new and 'trendy' coffee is made by scooping some broccoli powder into the regular cup of joe. The 'healthy' drink was invented by Australia's National Science Agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). According to an Instagram post on their official page, the drink was introduced to make Australians consume more vegetable. And they have succeeded in doing so, as the locals are picking up broccoli latte over their regular cuppa. So, adding this powder variant of the superfood in your daily cup of coffee would give your lifestyle a healthy lift.

Along with other nutritional benefits, being an agent for weight loss, broccoli is highly versatile and can be eaten in various ways. So, it's time to embrace this new change and see how far it rolls. Waiting for this trend to hit the Indian coffee souk and how the coffee lovers here, react to it.

WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury jainarthip@gmail.com



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