Yoga Retreat by day and Musical Gigs by Night.

Finding it tough to unwind in this busy and bustling city? Don’t worry we’ve found this secretive place tucked away from the noise and chaos for you. 
Aleph- The Devine Space
does true justice to its name. It’s this beautiful tiny café located in Juhu and it’s a little tough to locate.

Have We Been There Yet?
Yes we have. And it brings us bliss.

Tell Me More
The café is located next to café Moshes in Juhu and you have to take the narrow lane in and is a little tough to locate but trust us it’s totally worth that extra effort as the hippie and cosy vibe takes you away from this chaos and bring you some really relaxing time. It’s a yoga retreat in the day and by night it turns into a place for book readings and musical gigs. It’s a good place to either go by yourself with maybe a book or even with a group of friends for some board games or cards. Fun right? The evenings are even better at this café with Chinese lanterns lit up and open air rooftop section with fun painted walls by other customers- in fact they let you leave a mark on the walls by painting on them.

What Else?
Guess what? They even let you practice your cooking skills there. You can pick items of their existing menu and they’ll let you cook it for yourself.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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