This Is What Live-In Relationships Look Like Right Now!

This Is What Live-In Relationships Look Like Right Now!

Couples - married and live-in alike have been stuck in their houses ever since the lockdown and for some, it has been the slightest bit annoying. The virus may just be testing everyone's relationships.

China's divorce rates have increased after their lockdown, will it be the same around the world? Let's see how live-in couples are doing under lockdown, shall we?

"We started living together about 2 months ago, which is very recently. So this lockdown adds a really weird angle to all this. Not in a bad way - we just had a lot of plans! We were going to take a trip in April, we had made a list of all the cafe's we wanted to go to and now its all gone waste. We understand that its important to stay home - but it has become kind of boring now. We talk more often though, which has been great since we have had much deeper conversations than usual." Kriti, 31, Human Resource Manager.

"We have been living together for 2 years now and every other Sunday we're home and it's a great time - cooking, cleaning, long talks and a lot of TV. This is exactly like that but way longer. But all the sex makes it easier, you know? Just kidding - it's true - but other than that things have been pretty fun honestly. We live in a one-bedroom house so when we need to have meetings online, it can get difficult but we're making it work!" Sikander, 34, Content Manager.

"It's been kind of bumpy - since we're home all the time and we have to divide chores - we usually end up bickering a lot. But that's normal - plus its been kind of romantic for us - we cook for each other, have movie nights, and a lot of bedroom time. I think it's been a good break for us to spend some time together and do things together." Srishti, 28, Assistant Manager.

"We're having the time of our life! We're painting, cooking, having movie marathons, and talking the nights away. We love this break. We have been living together for a year now and we have barely got a day a month off from work to just "hang out" and now we have 3 weeks! We have been making the most of it and using it to our advantage. It's so great that we can do that without feeling unproductive or guilty. It's what we're supposed to do!" Karina, 28, Teacher.

How are you doing under lockdown if you're quarantined with a loved one? Let us know!

WRITTEN BY  - Nandita Potnis Nandita Potnis



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