13 best dating apps in India to make 2021 a little bearable!
There's a dating app for everyone. Long-term relationship, quick booty call, Single, Polyamorous, or gay dating app, Here are the top 13 dating apps of 2021
Why It Seemed Like Everyone Got Engaged During the Pandemic
Although people choosing to get engaged during a pandemic did leave some of us perplexed, these could be some of the reasons why they chose to do so-
A Reserved Person’s Guide To Expressing Your Needs In Bed
This guide has got a few nifty tricks that could help you overcome your apprehensions about sharing what you’d like in bed with your partner.
How To Have ‘The Talk’ With Your Partner During A Pandemic
One of the most difficult conversations, the right way.
Couple Gift Ideas To Spice Up Your Pandemic Holiday
Every relationship needs a little spice every now and then. This curated list of naughty gift idea's for your significant other is all you need.
Why Do We Find Ourselves Attracted To Toxic Men?
We've often been attracted to 'bad boys' that are clearly not right for us. While we know better, these could be the reasons we are attracted to toxic men.
Understanding Pansexuality: The Attraction That’s Beyond Gender or Sex
Pansexuality looks beyond one's gender or sex with attraction depending on a person for just who they are.This is everything you need to know about it.
Gaslighting: The Worst Manipulation Tactic In A Relationship
If your relationship has ever left you wondering about being too senstive or frequently questioning your own reality, there is a chance you're being gaslit
What is Catfishing And Why Do People Do It?
Catfishing is when a person seduces another by claiming a false persona on dating apps. What could make someone commit such a romance fraud, besides money?
How Dating Affects Your Self-Esteem
Dating and self-esteem are intimately connected. Just as a good relationship can make you feel elated, a bad dating experience can shatter your self-esteem.
Attracted to Intelligence? Is Sapiosexuality A Legitimate Sexuality?
Sapiosexuals get a lot of flak for being "pretentious" and "elitist" and many people consider the term redundant. But is it really just a made-up claim?
Why Some People Can’t Get Past The Casual Stage In A Relationship
Modern relationships thrive in ambiguity since this arrangement protects the partners from a bad breakup. But it also makes the relationship stagnant.
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