Indians Are Loving Korean Shows! But Why?
While Korean beauty was fairly popular among Indias, K-pop and Korean TV shows had their biggest breakthrough moment in India during the pandemic.
Is Indian Cinema Finally Ready To Ignore Ethnicity In Casting?
PVR’s release - The Personal History of David Copperfield has Dev Patel starring in it. It makes us wonder if cinema is ready to ignore ethnicity in casting
Top 10 Spooky Movies To Watch Stoned This Fall
Halloween is fast approaching and these movies are perfect to keep you in the spirit and leave you spooked (and tripping)
Why Are Indian Streaming Platforms Full Of Erotic Content?
Although hardly discussed in the mainstream, there is a dedicated genre of erotic and uncensored content on online streaming platforms in India.
The Style Of Filmmaking And Its Evolution Through The Pandemic
The cast and crew are back on track after a hiatus of months! Bingedaily spoke to them about the Covid19 safety protocols followed while shooting.
Why We Like Watching The Same TV Shows and Movies
Are you rewatching Friends for the 5th time? You're not alone! Many people enjoy rewatching the same TV shows and movies. Here's the scientific reason why.
Indian Matchmaking: Arranged Marriages Are Built On Compromise Not Love
Netflix's Indian Matchmaking by Smriti Mundhra is a show that entertains but also holds a mirror to the disturbing realities of arranged marriages in India.
Bulbbul, A Feminist Fairytale If You Look Beyond The Horror
Anvita Dutt’s Bulbbul is a powerful feminist retelling of outdated myths and stories. With a crimson theme that spells the trauma caused by patriarchy.
This Video Pays Tribute To Single Parents This Mother's Day
This Mother's Day, Anjali Barot took the tribute to the very next level. Starring in a short film O Maa, she has resonated the feelings of every child
Food in Theatres [Telangana NEWS]
Yes, it’s true that now you can avail food items at the multiplexes
Food In Movie Theatres [NEWS] Everything You Need To Know
Ever wondered why everything is so expensive in a movie theatre?
Drooling Over Brad & Leo's New Movie Poster, Here Are A Few Things They Drool On!
Quentin Tarantino’s making his 9th movie and looks like it’s going to be a good one
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