Uttarakhand CM Thinks Women ‘Run Towards Nudity’ When They Wear Ripped Jeans
Tirath Singh Rawat has enraged several on the internet after he publicly questioned, “What values will women in ripped jeans impart?”
The History Of Pubic Hair Removal
Pubic hair is viewed as 'unhygienic' and young people are taught to shave it in order to appear desirable. But was the hair-down-there always a taboo?
The History of Swear Words
Swearing can reduce your experience of pain, studies show.
Can The Origins Of Kissing Be Traced Back To India?
Kissing in public is viewed as committing a crime in India. But what if we told you that this "un-sanskari" expression of love originated in India?
Listen To The Oldest Song In History
The oldest known song in history was an ode to a Sumerian goddess - Nikkal, composed 3,400 years ago by ancient Hurrians in northern Mesopotamia.

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