This Exorcist Performs An Exorcism Through WhatsApp!
You’d hardly imagine an exorcism performed over WhatsApp! That may just be the in-thing! Bingedaily spoke to Carol Doa, a modern-day exorcist.
How Drag Queens Have Been Managing During The Lockdown
Telling bawdy jokes, she goes from gig-to-gig, with rapturous applause accompanying her every move. She’s the queen and the night is hers.
What It’s Like Being Asexual In India
The ace spectrum is broad and encompasses much more than you’d think. We got Siddharth Biju and Gargi Yadav to tell us what being asexual in India is like.
Here's How The Trans Act 2019 Has Been Modified Recently
The Trans Act has been modified after taking feedback from the community. Some decisions are welcomed, while the timing of it has been questioned
I Do Find The Concept Of Having One Person For Life A Little Unsettling: The Journey Of Polyamory
It's Pride Month and Vyshnavi SR opens up about her journey in polyamory, in real and brutal honesty. Read on!
Men Legally Gained The Rights To Expose Their Nipples In 1936!
The male nipple has not been surrounded by as much controversy as it’s female counterpart. But it has its fair share of scuffles. Read on!
We Hate To Disappoint You But The G-Spot Does Not Exist!
It might come as a mighty shock! To think that you’d been living in a bubble which was fabricated of phrases such as ‘the mysterious orgasm’
Operation Pridefall, A Homophobic Virtual Attack On Queers!
Operation Pridefall threatens to put a spoiler to pride month celebrations online. Here's everything you need to know about the homophobic campaign.
#WankAsThanks Lets You Raise Money By Masturbating
#WankAsThanks allows you to raise money for NHS workers by masturbating. For a little donation you can gain access to adult content on OnlyFans.
I Tried Youporn SWYP, A Tik Tok Like App For Adult Videos
YouPorn SWYP is a video discovery application. It offers a 6-second preview of a pornographic video. I tried it and here's my review.
5 Questions You Should Never Ask An Androgynous Person
You may have a lot of questions that you may want to ask, but sometimes those questions can be offensive or annoying, so it's best not to ask.
5 Questions You Should Never Ask A Transgender Person
Here are some questions you shouldn't ask a trans person, ever.

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