Glucose Guardian And The Age Of Gender-Neutral Terms
What is a glucose guardian | The age of gender-neutral terms | More gender-neutral terms & how they have an impact on our thinking and mindset.
Rainbow Pride Flag and 21 Others Flags & How They Came To Be?
All Pride Flags and their meanings. 1. Gilbert Baker Flag 2. Pride Flag of 1978 3. Rainbow Flag 4. Demisexual flag 5. Asexual Flag
How To Keep Yourself Motivated When You’re Unemployed And Looking For A Job
Being out of a job can be extremely difficult. How to keep yourself motivated when looking for employment? Routines, developing new skills, and more.
"Need More Inclusion" | Queer Persons On Career Opportunities In India
Listen in to these persons who identify as ‘queer’, as they narrate their ordeals, triumphs, and hopes for how India can open its arms wide to more career options.
Madras High Court Historical Judgement On LGBTQIA+: New Guidelines
The Madras High Court latest news & judgment on LGBTQIA+ rights & people safety. Guidelines to schools, colleges, judiciary, police for sensitization
This Guide Could Help You Live The Life You Really Want
This guide, with tips from life coaches and ‘successful’ people, could definitely motivate, if not help you live the life that you really want -
“India Is Not Meant For People With Any Kind Of Disability”
Bingedaily spoke to people in India who live with a disability. Their voices ring loud into the silence: “Stop being patronizing!”
Indian Queer Artists That Are Changing The Landscape Of The Indie Music Scene
Bingedaily spoke to a bunch of queer musicians who are changing the Indie music scene one beat at a time.
‘Dragvertising’ In India: Drag Queens Talk If Brand Inclusivity is Making A Difference
Bingedaily spoke to prominent Indian drag queens about drag-positive ads such as the Shoppers Stop "stop the bias" campaign and if they were truly inclusive.
Law Of Attraction Believers Explain How To Use It Effectively
What you term ‘luck’ is in fact a mystery. Uncover the secret and life will be exactly as you wish it to.
Has Makeup Been A Pivotal Tool Of Expression For The LGBT Community?
With vivid palettes to set the tone, Kumar Iyer - a makeup artist from the LGBT community says makeup is a form of self-expression and subtlety is his style
How Duties Of A Police Officer Have Changed During A Pandemic
As India shut down during the pandemic, this police officer was not given respite. How do you deal with this, we ask Aishwarya Dongre, an ACP in Trivandrum.
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