Am I Asexual? How To Tell If You're Asexual
What Is asexuality, and what is an asexual person?, Asexuality, wherein the person doesn't experience any kind of sexual attraction. Am I asexual?
What is ‘Unicorning’ And What Does It Mean When A Person Is A Unicorn?
A unicorn in a relationship refers to a person entering a polyamorous relationship to participate in sexual escapades with a couple. But how does that work?
Decoding The Most Common Sex Fantasies Of Our Times!
Sex fantasies are normal. We all do have a list of things that get us off!
Is Marijuana An Aphrodisiac?
The neurological and biological benefits linked to marijuana are essentially induced by the substance’s terpene and cannabinoid content.
India’s Porn Ban And Everything You Need To Know About It In 2021
From the history of India's porn ban to how we still managed to consume it during lockdown, this is everything you need to know about it in 2021-
What You Need To Know About Masturbation Myths, Benefits & Effects
From debunking the weirdest masturbation myths to listing some of it’s benefits and side effects this is what you need to know about it-
The Only Beginner’s Guide You Need To Using Male Sex Toys
Whether you're looking for some couple or even solo pleasure, this is everything you need to know about using male sex toys-
Everything You Need To Know About Spitting And Sex
While the act of drooling on your partner’s body or into their mouth may seem enticing, there is a lot to know about spitting during sex-
How True Is The Claim That Oral Sex Can Give You Cancer?
Oral sex can be fun and sometimes even more satisfying than sex itself. However, how true is the claim that oral sex could give you oral cancer?
6 Ways To Get Comfortable Using Sex Toys With Your Partner
There is a lot of stigma attached to using sex toys as a couple. But using adult toys isn't a sign of bad sex life but a way of enhancing sexual intimacy.
The Ultimate Guide To Mutual Masturbation
Since masturbation is a solo act, it's tough to imagine your partner watching you do it. However, mutual masturbation can be a source of new-found sexual pleasure.
First Time Lucky: An Erotic Story
I sucked in a breath, still pacing like a madman. I couldn’t structure a cohesive thought, let alone open my mouth to respond with something that made sense.
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