How To Have A Mental Health Reset In 2021?
As the pandemic shattered physical and emotional states, maybe we do need to look at a mental health reset too among other things.
List of Suicide Prevention Lines In India
If you or a friend is struggling with suicidal thoughts or tendencies, here are the top suicide prevention helplines in India that you can seek help from.
Watching Police Brutality Affects Our Brain?
Police abuse leaves long-term, obscure mental impairement. But how?
Is Pedophilia A Mental Issue?
An understanding of a common mental illness that is considered as one of the gravest sexual offences.
What Does A Psychological Autopsy Mean?
An elaborate explanation of an unheard clinical tool used to investigate multiple cases of suspicious death.
Has The Pandemic Sparked Suicidal Tendencies Among Youth In India?
An alarming study found self-harm & suicidal tendencies are rising among youth during the pandemic; growing uncertainty could be one of the reasons why.
Indians Share Their Worst Experiences With Therapists
Therapy can provide a safe space for people. But not all therapists lead you to the light, so we ask Indians about their worst experiences with therapists.
Consuming Cannabis Like This Is The Fastest Way To Get High
Different types of cannabis will get you a different high, varying on intensity, duration amongst other factors. But what is also interesting is that
Police Seized A Massive 140 Kg Of Marijuana From A Pune Farm
A raid by Pune rural police caught a farmer cultivating marijuana on his farmland. Here's everything you need to know about the case.
What Prompts People To Animal Abuse? The Psychology Explained
Animal abuse is a horrific act. But why do people do it? We tried to understand the psychology behind it. Read the article to know more.
Mental Health Expert Reveals How to Deal With Rising Anxiety Levels
With the lockdown, emotional well being is greatly affected. How can you cope with this? An expert in the field explains.
Puff, Puff, Don't Pass: Weed Rules Are Changing During The Pandemic
Puff, puff, pass is the first rule you learn when you start smoking weed, but thanks to the pandemic, the rules are changing.
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