Report Says Reuters Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui Was Executed By Taliban
On 16 July, the world stood shocked as Danish Siddiqui, a Pulitzer winning photojournalist was killed. Reports now emerge with startling revelations.
Space Travel’s Effects On The Environment, The View On A Space trip | Here’s What They Don’t Tell You
Space travel may be the buzzword of the day, but is it beneficial to an Earth that is reeling under the effects of climate change and global warming?
Everything You Need To Know About The Arrest Of Raj Kundra And The Legalities Of Porn In India
Let's get you up to speed with the Raj Kundra arrest, the legalities of porn, and erotic content.
The Google Drive Getting Full? Here’s How To Not Exceed The 15 GB Free Storage
Good things come in small packages and so does the storage of Google drive which is 15 GB. Here's how to manage it.
After Jeff Bezos Makes His Way Into Space, Will You Get A Chance To Do The Same?
First Richard Branson, then Jeff Bezos; seems like space tourism is starting in full swing. What did Blue Origin officials say? Can everyone fly into space?
Olympics 2021: Everything You Need To Know About The Games
The delayed Tokyo Olympics are finally here. Who is taking part? COVID protocol and cases at the Olympics Village. Oysters attack. Anti-sex beds. Heatwave.
Pegasus Spyware: Everything You Need To Know About It
What is Pegasus? Pegasus targeting in India. Who has been targeted in India? How does it work? Zero-Click attacks. How an these attacks be stopped?
Third Wave Of COVID 19: Inevitable, Intensity & How Can We Avoid It?
Is India going to have a third wave? What have we learned in the last year? How can we avoid a new wave? How will we know if there is a surge?
Grain ATM: What Is It? Food Rationing In India & Role of WFP
What is a grain ATM? How does it work? Future of Grain ATM. What is the United Nations' World Food Programme? Food rationing system in India.
Lightning Strike Kills 65 People In India: Do’s & Dont’s During A Thunderstorm
What’s happened in India and how many people have died due to lightning strikes? Do's and Dont's during a strike. Myths of lightning strikes, busted.
Two-Child Policy: Where Has It Been Implemented And Its Pros &Cons
What is the two-child policy? In which states has it be implemented? National population control policy. Pros and Cons of it. SC on two-child policy.
Cuba Protests: Why Are They Protesting And How Is It A Big Deal?
Down with the dictatorship! Protests in Cuba. Food shortage. COVID mismanagement. Poor economic conditions. Government blames the US. Why is it important?
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