YouTuber Cooks Chicken By Slapping It For Eight Hours
Weisz also mentioned how it took around six to eight hours with approximately 135,000 slaps to cook the chicken.
Why Are Crude Oil Prices Hitting New Highs In India?
When crude oil prices go down globally, the government involves new taxes and levies to ensure it takes in the extra revenues.
Everything You Need To Know About The Vaze-Antilla Bomb Scare Case
Sachin Vaze, an Assistant Police Inspector of Mumbai Police has been alleged to be connected with the explosive-laden car found near Ambani's house.
Why Was Prince Philip Never Declared The Title Of King?
Queen Elizabeth never exercised the power to make Prince Philip the first king consort in England's history.
Here is Why Himachal Pradesh Plans To Legalize Cannabis Cultivation
The state intends to legalize the commercial cultivation of cannabis to be used for non-recreational purposes such as making medicines and fabrics.
Optical Illusion Lets You Witness A Colour You Have Never Seen Before
This colour was apparently only represented through optical illusion as it was difficult to capture it on a television screen.
Did You Know Facebook Just Leaked Data Of 533 Million Users
The leaked data is said to comprise of personal information of Facebook users across 106 countries
The Full Moon Helped In Moving The Ship Stuck In The Suez Canal, Here’s How
While the earth rotates, it creates a bulge towards the moon leading to the rise and fall in the seas, i.e. causing tides.
Explained: Who Is Prince Hamzah, Put Under ‘House Arrest’ In Jordan
In the video to BBC, passed on by his lawyer, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein accuses the country's leaders of corruption, incompetence, and harassment.
Here’s How Indian Artists Can Now Sell Their Art Via NFTs
Wazir X said that it will not charge its customers for listing NFTs on the platform.
Explained: What Is The Gender Gap, And Why You Should Be Worried About The Latest Report
On examining data from 156 countries, the gender gap report evaluates it on the basis of economic opportunity, political power, education, and health.
Explained: How Are Human Penis Sizes Shrinking Due To Pollution?
Swan explains that pollutants and chemicals are reducing semen quality and as a consequence penis sizes are shrinking along with the volume of testes.
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