Political Cartoons Of Significance: We Speak To India's Millennial Political Cartoonists
Political cartoonists in India. We caught up with political cartoonists who’ve been sending out a message loud and clear through political cartoons of India.
Gender Neutral Rape Laws, The Need Of The Hour In India
The rape laws in India as per Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, very clearly assumes that rape is always and only committed by a man against a woman.
Dr. Fauci Answers Whether We Can Shed Our Coronavirus Masks
Dr. Fauci believes that we cannot take off our masks even after we have been administered the coronavirus vaccine.
International Icons Come Out In Support Of The Farmers' Movement
It all started with the global icon Rihanna openly questioning why the farmers' issue has not been highlighted enough.
Why You Don’t Feel Like Working Any More? A Therapist Explains
Work fatigue has been a common complaint by people in light of the work-from-home norm. A therapist tells you how it can be countered.
Indians Tell Us One Thing That 2020 Taught Them
2020 has gotten its reputation as the year that sucked the most, but wait a minute. Was it really that bad?
Is TV Fading Out As OTT Takes Over?
As OTT is sending us new flicks ever so often, are we the last generation that will watch TV?
These Moments In India Show That Maybe 2020 Wasn’t All Bad After All
It is tough to say anything good about this year but these rare and heart-warming moments show that maybe 2020 wasn't such a bad year after all.
Indians Tell Us One Thing They Will Miss About The Pandemic When It Blows Over
Bingedaily spoke to Indians and they tell us why they don’t hate the pandemic so much.
Indian Parents Get Vocal About Speaking To Their Kids About Rape
Bingedaily spoke to parents in India and they highlight the importance of doing away with the mumbo jumbo and getting real with the facts of rape.
Outrage Over Tanishq Interfaith Marriage Ad: Is India In An Ideological War?
In a democracy, people have the right to criticize. But enforcing a specific narrative on the majority and polarising people isn't constructive.
Why Powerful People Are Rarely Punished Appropriately
Even though the most devastating and public thefts are committed by powerful businessmen, they are rarely ever held accountable for it. Why is this so?
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