Indian Parents Get Vocal About Speaking To Their Kids About Rape
Bingedaily spoke to parents in India and they highlight the importance of doing away with the mumbo jumbo and getting real with the facts of rape.
Outrage Over Tanishq Interfaith Marriage Ad: Is India In An Ideological War?
In a democracy, people have the right to criticize. But enforcing a specific narrative on the majority and polarising people isn't constructive.
Why Powerful People Are Rarely Punished Appropriately
Even though the most devastating and public thefts are committed by powerful businessmen, they are rarely ever held accountable for it. Why is this so?
Are Fines Effective In Getting People To Wear Masks?
In an effort to make masks essential for everyone, government's have issued fines and penalties for people who refuse to wear them but do they work?
How To Survive An Economy Change In A Post Covid Era
The economic season around the world is changing drastically and following these simple steps may make it seem less daunting
Jobs That Probably Will Not Come Back After Covid
As the pandemic has reset major work trends, people are left wondering about the future of some job sectors in a post covid era
People Love Supporting Kangana, The Underdog But For How Long?
Once upon a time, Kangana was the fearless outsider that spoke her mind and stood up to the 'movie mafia'. But now her fans aren't sure what she stands for.
Why Just A Lockdown May Not Be Enough For India
Almost the entire country is going into lockdown, in an effort to battle COVID-19. However, several other measures are needed to beat it
70 Years Of The Constitution : Have Things Changed For The Better Or Worse?
Seventy years is a lot of time to reflect on the progress or regress of a country. It's hard to ignore the question - "is India truly a democracy?"
How Porn Is Contributing To The Rape Culture
It has been argued for ages whether pornography promotes sexual violence and rape. Several arguments seem to suggest that may it may actually be true.
The State of Kashmir #MillennialsSpeak
In order to find out what they feel, We decided to talk to some Millennials hailing from Kashmir. Here's what they had to say about the state of their home.
Tentacles And Testicles: What Exactly Is Hentai Animation?
Firstly, you need to know the difference between Anime and Hentai.

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