Why You May Be Turning Into A Jerk
The pandemic demands our empathy but we're not able to reciprocate. It's become harder to be nice and one can't help but feel they're turning into a jerk.
Should I Be Worried Of Emotional Cheating In A Relationship?
Emotional cheating is now starting to be a common trend that creeps up in relationships.We got a psychologist to tell us what’s the science behind it.
Why Indians Change Their Accent When Talking to People From Abroad
The Indian accent has never earned the reputation of being cool in movies or real life. Is this why Indians tend to change our accent when abroad?
The World Fears A Second Wave Of Coronavirus, Meanwhile India Still Deals With Her First
However, while debates are still on if this could be possible, India is yet to get done with the first wave of the infection
Delhi On High Alert After Intelligence Inputs Of Terror Threat
Intelligence agencies have alerted the National Capital about a possible terror attack. Security has been beefed up and Delhi is on high alert.
What It's Like Being An African Student In India
Indians have demonstrated immense support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the US. But first, should we look at the African community in India?
The Indian Soldiers Did Not Use Firearms In The Galwan Valley Clash. This Is Why.
On the intervening night of June 15 and 16, 20 Indian jawans were martyred in the Galwan Valley. The Indian troops did not use firearms. Here's why.
Millennials Have Another Pandemic To Deal With: Recession
As if debts, student loans and anxiety about the future, wasn’t enough. Millennials now have an additional worry boggling their minds: Recession!
Social Media Is Full Of People Open To Talk. But Are They Really?
The noose made headlines when Sushant Singh Rajput used it to end his life. Malvika Fernandes, counselling psychologist sheds light on mental health.
Desi Parents Tell Us Why Inter-Caste Marriage Is A Big No!
If you’re desi and you’ve ever articulated the ‘love’ word, you know it seldom goes well. Desi parents tell us why they aren't cool with it.
Our Solar System Has A Twin!
With 2020 being a bummer, everyone seems to be wanting to relocate! Scientists have now found the 'mirror' image of the solar system.
The World Will End Next Week Warns Conspiracy Theorist!
Well, 2020 sure has been a bummer. It is a game changer, but in all the wrong senses. A new theory now says the world is going to end next week!

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