What Is LSA? And Everything Else You Need To Know
Extracted from flowers, this drug has some believing it is a cheaper and a more easily available option to LSD.
The Trip App That Guides You Through Your Psychedelic Trip
Can tripping on ketamine cure chronic anxiety? Field Trip, creator of the Trip App believes psychedelic use combined with therapy can cure mental illnesses.
More Americans are dropping acid because ‘the world’s on fire’
These days, the world is like a walking nightmare! Americans seem to have taken things into their hands by 'dropping acid' AKA resorting to LSD.
How An LSD Trip Made Me Quit Weed
I knew it was the weed that was distracting me and making me procrastinate because it consumed a lot of my time.
Iodex sandwiches, Fevibond and sanitizer: The 'Saste Nashe' Indians are getting high on!
Indians are some of the most creative and innovative people on this planet. But not all of this creativity is towards good things.

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