Sustainable Development: What Is It, Goals, and Importance.
What is sustainable development? Sustainable development goals of India? Sustainability's Three Pillars, Economic, Social & Environmental Sustainability
Can NFTs Be The Next Big Thing In Fashion?
NFTs have exploded the market this year and are everywhere. Here's how it can bring big changes into the world of fashion, especially sneakers!
A Freelancers Guide To Getting Work During A Pandemic
From understanding the ‘how to’s’ of freelancing to actually getting work during a pandemic as a freelancer, this is all you need to know about this trend-
Is It A Good Time To Buy A House In India? Experts Say, Yes.
With the market unpredictable, the economy declining, sky-high mortgage rates, you may be wondering if it's a good time to buy a house in India.
Here's How Stoners Are Celebrating 4/20 During Lockdown!
You could smoke up on a 4/20 month at 4/20 pm on a 4/20 day. It doesn’t get better than that. But then came the coronavirus.
Here Is A Guide To Relay Protests If You Are Going Today
Mumbai is holding a Relay Protest at the Gateway of India. If you don't know what relay protests are, here's what you need to know before you join.
Plan To Quit Smoking This New Year? Your Personality Could Tell You How
Every person is unique and should use different methods to quit. Hence, your best bet is to personalise the way you go about cutting down cigarettes.
Thank Gay Culture For The Slangs We Use Every Day
"Yas Qween," "Slay," Reading. These words, traditionally a part of PoC, gay culture, have become a huge part of the language a lot of us use today.
The Essential Guide To Staying Safe At Protests In India
While most protests being held are peaceful, things can get ugly real quick. Here are some simple tips to remember before and during protests.
10 Images That Highlight Mumbai Protests Against CAA
Mumbai's protests were one of the largest collective protests. However, if you weren't there, here are 10 images to highlight the event.
Herbal Cigarettes Are In Fashion, But They Might Be Just As Unhealthy
When you hear the word herbal, you think of healthy, hippy, mystic qualities. Probably a great way to make cigarettes sound harmless, and it's working
This Neuroscientist Tested MDMA On... Octopuses?
MDMA or ecstasy is taken by human users to help relax and be more social. This scientist decided to test the drug on Octopuses and see what happens.
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