Can Weed Lead To Better Sex?
People claim that weed makes everything better. So does the same hold true when it comes to sex?
Here’s How To Stop Smoking So Much Weed
While some might argue that there is nothing like ‘too much’ when it comes to weed, there is a section of people who are ‘addicted’ to it.
Is Your Sleep Schedule Haywire? Weed May Be The Reason
If your sleep schedule has gone for a toss, you may want to take a rain check on that joint. Weed may not be the best solution for insomnia.
“Smoking Marijuana makes me wanna Throw Up” | Here’s why!
While many people use marijuana or cannabis products to treat nausea, ironically, it can make you experience nausea or vomiting.
Can your Smartphone Tell If You're High on Marijuana?
A new study explores the possibility of using smartphones to detect marijuana intoxication in consumers. Is it capable of doing so?
Smoking Marijuana & Hitting the Gym | Will it boost your Workout performance?
What really happens when you smoke a little bit of marijuana before hitting the gym? Does getting high before or after workouts actually help?
Hemp Industry: 5 Profitable Ideas to Start Your Hemp Business in India
India is a leading organization that is strongly lobbying the hemp industry. Here are some ideas to get started with your own hemp business in India.
Binge Guide to Hemp Protein | Find Organic Hemp Protein In India
Hemp protein powder is one of the most popular varieties of protein powders. Know everything about hemp protein along with link to purchase.
Is Hemp Really God’s Plant And Can It Save The World?
Hemp as a cash crop has immense potential in the industrial sector. It is also called by many as God's plant. Here's the truth to it.
How Marijuana Affects Our Brain! The Intricacies Of The Human Mind
How does the most complex thing on Earth - the human brain get reconfigured with marijuana? How does this compound cause the mind to bend to its will?
Medical Benefits Of Marijuana, And Effect On The Body: Explained!
Medical Benefits Of Marijuana. Effect on the body, Relief of chronic pain, Improves lung capacity, Diabetes Control, Glaucoma therapy, Cancer, Epilepsy, etc.
Marijuana And Sex: Does It Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Dryness, Increased Sex Drive?
How does marijuana affect sex? How does marijuana affect our brain? Limited study on marijuana and sex. Erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness.

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