How Does Cannabidiol Transform Your Skincare Routine
With anti-inflammatory properties, Cannabidiol is an ideal constituent for skincare products. They also help in regulating oil production within your skin.
Is Weed Legal In India?
To be fair, weed is legal as well as illegal in India. Here is why the controversial question may never have an answer any time soon.
Legalizing Marijuna? Everything The Indian Government Plans To Do In 2021!
Although many countries have now moved onto legalising marijuana for medicinal purposes, this is India's plan towards legalizing the herb-
Can Smoking Pot Help You Lose Weight?
No, we haven’t been smoking but if you have, let’s find out.
People Using Cannabis For Pain Are Suffering From Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms
A recent study has cast doubts on the effectiveness and efficacy of Medicinal Cannabis in treating chronic pain by producing some less than desirable results.
Study Reveals That Weed Consumption Is Lowest In January
Ever wondered about the trends of marijuana use throughout the year? NYU Researchers conducted a study to find out people's smoking habit throught the year
These Smoking Games Are Guarenteed To Get You And Your Friends Lit
Whether you are looking to get completely lit or just slightly buzzed, these smoking games are guaranteed to cater to everyone’s preference.
Indians Tell Us What It’s Like to Get High With Their Parents
Bingedaily spoke to Indians who've done the impossible - convinced their parents to smoke a J with them and gotten really high after.
These Indian Startups Are Making High Profits Working With Cannabis
Hemp can be used to produce textiles, paper, and even food. Here's a list of Indian companies that are jumping on the bandwagon of the growing hemp industry.
What Is The Punishment If You Are Caught With Weed In India?
This is what you need to know about who sets the laws about marijuana in India and what are the punishments if you are found to be in possession of some.
How To Talk To Indian Parents About Using Cannabis
Confiding in Indian parents about a topic as controversial as cannabis can be daunting. However, these tips could make the conversation a little less scary
The Best Strains Of Weed You Need To Try In India
Although illegal, India is among the largest consumers of cannabis in the world.These are a list of Indian strains that are world famous and should be tried
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