Should You Be Giving Your Dog CBD?
You may be surprised to know that research suggests CBD may actually be good for dogs! Let your pup have his pot!
Should You Be Smoking Cannabis Right Now?
Marijuana does have its immense set of benefits. But you shouldn't be smoking cannabis during the pandemic, say experts.
Here's What Happens To You When You Eat Weed Edibles?
When you eat weed edibles instead of smoking a joint, you’re changing the route of administration. And it may leave you with a more intense and longer trip.
#MillennialsSpeak Tell Us Their Weed Friendly Date Ideas
We’ve assembled a team of millennial marijuana enthusiasts to share their best stoned date recommendations.
A Complete Guide To Weed In India
If you've got a good eye, you'll notice that in a country with so much taboo around drugs, the abundance of these substances is not so rare.

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