How to deal with someone who doesn't want to wear a mask
From the machos to the President of the United States, masks have been shamed. How do you deal with friends with no mask, during the pandemic
What Happens When You Call The Quit Smoking Helpline?
The Quit Smoking Helpline is a toll-free number that offers counselling to smokers who want to quit, provided free of cost by the government.
Everything You Need To Know To Start Cycling To Work.
Whoever thought the bicycle would make its comeback! Cycling to work, may now be the new norm.
Indians Are Looking To Boost Immunity By Eating Chyawanprash!
Ever since the pandemic has started, chyawanprash has seen a rise in demand amongst Indians. They're using it to build immunity. Know more here.
Missing The Gym Sessions? You're Not The Only One
A gym freak tells us how she’s been handling the lockdown, and the ways she’s found to adapt. If you miss your gym sessions too, here's your piece
People Wearing Masks Are Dying Bizarrely. Are Masks To Blame?
With several reports of people wearing a mask dying, concerns regarding their safety have propped up. Click here to know if it is safe to wear one
Trump Is Obsessed With Hydroxychloroquine! But Does It Work?
Donald Trump revealed that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for a week now. The claim again sparked the argument about its effectiveness.
Here's How The Coronavirus Vaccine Development Is Progressing
The development of a coronavirus vaccine is happening at a lghtening pace. Several countries are taking the lead, with human trials already underway.
A New Normal For Gyms May Be Coming Post Lockdown
The post lockdown world will change how our public spaces function, and that includes gyms as well. Here's how gyms may look after the pandemic
Here's How You Can Get Tested For COVID-19 In India
If you're wondering how you can get tested - here's a guide to getting tested for COVID-19.
Here's How To Wash Your Vegetables Properly During COVID-19
It is essential to clean fruits and vegetables properly to avoid contamination. Here's the best way to clean your produce.
How To Build A Reading Habit During Lockdown
The 21 day lockdown provides you with ample time to pick up a new hobby. This may be the ideal time for you to develop a reading habit. Here's how

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