Should You Get an Antibody Test After COVID Vaccination?
An Antibody test cannot measure vaccine efficacy. Thus, vaccine efficacy can only be tested in a proper placebo-controlled clinical trial.
What Is Happening In India’s Deepening Covid Crisis
Experts confirm that India is possibly the worst-hit nation right now, owing to the misreporting and hidden COVID-19 cases and deaths since the beginning.
Why Cannot COVID-19 Vaccines Be Compared Against One Another?
Although these vaccines have varying efficacy rates, Covid-19 vaccines as a whole are contributing to keeping people safe and alive.
Explained: What Makes Hemp A Highly Viable Crop?
The hemp crop undergoes organic growth without the use of pesticides or herbicides. It is also a multipurpose crop that can also be used in crop rotation
Will Inoculating The Covid Vaccine To Everyone Help Curb The Virus?
Dr. Shahid Jameel states, “The vaccine is one tool to control the pandemic. It’s an important tool but needs to be deployed intelligently.
States Advised To Widen The Gap Between Two Covishield Doses
The central government advised administering the two doses of the Covishield vaccine in a gap of 4-8 weeks, instead of the earlier interval of 4-6 weeks.
Everything You Need To Know About The New Maharashtra Lockdown Rules
The state government was compelled to announce strict restrictions that included a lockdown in weekends and night curfews to curb the spike.
Summer Games That You Should Not Miss Out On
Summer gives you a chance to develop various athletic interests, sharpen your skills and also keep yourself healthy and fit.
Everything You Need To Know About The Double Mutant Variant Of Coronavirus
The variant described as “double mutant” has been found in Delhi, Maharashtra, and some other places in addition to the three "variants of concern."
New Study Reveals That The Right Amount Of Stress Can Prove Beneficial
This helpfulness of stress is linked more on we rise to the challenge than on total count of intensities and worrisome situations.
Here Are Some Personal Grooming Tips That Men Need To Know
Grooming helps in personality enhancement and making a good first impression. Further, personal hygiene also boosts your confidence.
Why Sleep Divorce Is A Way To Improve Your Relationship?
The concept of sleep divorce is proving useful where couples decide to adopt individual sleeping arrangement.
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