Is Sitting With Your Laptop On Your Lap Actually Dangerous?
All of us mostly use our laptops on well,our laps.People often say it could cause cancer and even fertility problems but is there any truth to those claims?
Your Smartphone Can Tell If You Are Drunk Walking
Researchers have begun to model the associations between gait abnormalities detected using smartphone sensors and either real or simulated alcohol consumption.
Do Cold Sores Always Mean Herpes?
Cold sores are usually a symptom of herpes. The incurable disease rings alarm bells in most people. So, should you be worried if you get it?
How True Is The New Theory That Mouthwash Can Kill Coronavirus?
While we are all waiting for a vaccine against covid19, new studies claim that mouthwash could be the answer. But is it really an effective cure ?
Men PMS Too! And It’s Called Irritable Male Syndrome
If you’ve ever noticed the men in your life get moody and irritable suddenly,chances are they could be showing symptoms of Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS).
Everything You Need To Know About Shilajit, The Himalayan Rejuvenator
Shilajit is a sticky, tar-like substance found in the rocks of the Himalayan ranges. Many people consume it citing its rejuvenating properties.
Is Douching Good Or Bad?
Douching is cleaning out the inside of the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluids to prevent a "bad odour". But is douching safe to do?
Maskne: Is Wearing A Face Mask Causing Acne?
Ever noticed yourself breaking out with a big pimple after a long day of wearing your face mask? You could be suffering from maskne
Can Money Carry Covid-19? How to Sanitise Money
We know that the sanitization of objects can reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus but how exactly do we sanitize the virus off currency notes?
Why People Are Consulting Dr. Google To Get Their Diagnosis
There's a new doctor in town giving medical advice without a degree - it's Dr Google. Now, how did Google become such a popular tool for self-diagnosis?
How To Find A Work Life Balance At A Time Where The Lines Are Blurred
With WFH becoming the new normal, stress levels are bound to soar. These simple tips could help you in finding a much needed work life balance in your life
What Should You Do When You Have Unexpected Medical Expenses?
An unexpected medical bill can burn a serious hole in your pocket if you're unprepared. Following these simple tricks could ensure you're prepared

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