The Return Of ‘Dumb’ Phones As The Fad For Smartphones Fades Away
Along with being the crutch of many, smartphones are also starting to be unpopular among some since they view them as too addictive.
Are You Finding It Difficult To Deal With Grey Hair? 7 Natural Ways That Can Help
The silver streaks are a part of growing older. However, there are natural ways that you can resort to that can either delay the process of grey hair
What Artificial Sweeteners Could Be Doing To You
Read this piece before you have that next dessert!
Do You Feel You Are Falling In Your Sleep? Everything To Know About The Hypnic Jerk
The hypnic jerk is what has baffled sleep therapists for years. Is it a sign of an underlying disorder? Is your body trying to convey something to you?
How To Get Better At Weight Lifting
Workouts do not have to be gruesome tiring hours that you dread. They can be fun! Here's a guide to weight lifting, no matter your fitness regime.
18 Best Health Eats In Mumbai For The Fitness Enthusiast In You!
2022 | Best Health Eats In Mumbai | 1. Aharveda, 2. The Yoga House, 3. Bombay Salad Co, 4. One Tight Wrap, 5. Rare Earth Cafe, 6. Oottupura
10 Everyday Habits That Secretly Make You Gain Weight
Everyday habits that make you gain weight. 1. Late Night Munching 2. Poor Sleep 3. Eating While Distracted 4. Stress and Anxiety 5. Eating Too Quickly
COVID-19: Why is it a Big Deal if you miss your 2nd COVID vaccine dose?
Govt. has increased the interval between two Covishield doses to 12 weeks, Covaxin to 28 days apart. So what will happen if you miss your second dose?
COVID-19: Why it’s so hard to say where the pandemic is headed next?
Around the world, countries are beginning to ease the lockdown process. Are things going to get better or much worse? Where's this pandemic headed next?
Nicki Minaj’s COVID vaccine tweet on ‘Impotency’, Fact or Myth?
Nicky Minaj tweeted that her cousin's friend got the Covid vaccine and he is now impotent. There's no evidence to support her theory, and here's why.
Intermittent Fasting: What is it, How it works? | Benefits, How-to & lot more
Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you switch between fasting and eating on a regular schedule. How does it help in weight loss? Is it safe?
Are Afternoon Naps As Good As Sleeping Overnight?
An afternoon nap can do wonders for your health. Know in-depth about the benefits of daytime naps and how to make the most out of them?

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